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Thank you so much for your visiting our company, IEIN.NET.
We are living the era of digital renovation in the 21st century. The expansion of internet in the world wide influence that we can make friends with anyone, at anywhere and any time. And we can realize keenly that a business through internet is developing rapidly. It is true that a lot of sales companies all over the world, including semiconductor and electronic components, carry on their business through internet ; that is they are managing a faceless business.

By the way, it is also true that some companies are doing abnormal or unsound business by misusing the other side of internet, and a lot of importers are criticizing about it. In fact, we have heared that some importers have paid for goods in advance but can't receive them, or even though they received the items of the defective units different from the content of an order or quotation.

Even worse, they can't receive a refund for the money which had been paid in such case. For this reason, some companies use the Escrow which broker company is managing with high commission or other companies request an exporter's credit rating to a credit rating company before they import. Such the ways have some weakness, first of all, because they should pay for a commission to use escrow and the amount of the commission is quite a lot.

Secondly, they should pay for an expensive fee to use a credit rating company and it takes a long time to estimate a company's credit. These are not proper for an attribute of internet business which should be performed rapidly.
Therefore, most of importers request, by phone or fax to their exporters, a list of companies with which they had done business before. They call each company one by one and ask for its details of deal.

And then most of them send money to the exporters in the case that they don't find out any problems. However, in lots of cases, the list is delayed of the time difference or the exporters don't send it. We, IEIN.NET, are designed to let you know the exporters' trade reference by the country on our web site any time and any place to solve these uncomfortable and difficult points.

Please register to our site with free and use to keep the exchange of information each other on our site. We will always try to protect the sound/reliable companies and expel the abnormal companies from internet business.

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