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How to use "Information Center"  
This is the initial screen of Information Center. You can use Information Center only after joining membership. Information Center will let you know the credit status of the company that you want to deal with. In other words, you can check it's standing credit through the communication with the trade reference companies of the target company.

A : At first, join the membership and then log in the system. Search the company you want to deal with (trading company, hereafter). You can search by company name, country, person to contact and phone number as an index.

B : You can see the search result in the box below. Click the company name you want.

When clicking the company name, you can see the profile of the company and the name of the companies that the trading company has dealt with (trade reference, hereafter). They are sorted by trade types such as import and export.

A : Select one of the trade references, check in the small box beside the company name, and click the RFI button.

When RFI button is clicked, you can see the picture like this. For questions you'd like to ask,
A : Check a question from the question form, or
B : Write down your own question in 'Comments' and click the 'Send' button.

When you click 'Send' button, you can see the history of your questions by dates.

A : If the trade reference company is a member of IEIN.NET, the question will be delivered to 'In Box' in 'Receive Request for Information'. When the trade reference company logs in, the following screen is displayed to show there is a new question waiting.

B : When you send a question to a trade reference company, the question will be remained in 'Out Box' in 'send request for information'. If a reply has arrived, you are notified that you have the reply of your question at log-in information in the main page at your next log-in.
If the trade reference company is not a member of IEIN.NET, the question will be delivered to the company via e-mail.

A : You can see the answer from 'receive request for information- inbox' in Information Center.

B : When you want to give the answer to the reported company, click 'Submit' on the bottom of the page.
You can check your question to the reported company in 'send request for information-outbox' in Information Center. If you have additional questions, click 'reply' on the bottom of the page, write the additional question, and then click the 'Send' button.
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