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How to use "Latest Report"  
After logging in, click 'Latest Report' in the menu, you'll see this picture.
It is for the discussion regarding the companies you will deal with or you have dealt with, or the parts you have had difficulties. You can write your opinion there.

A : If you want to upload an opinion, click the 'new report' button, and you will see the following page.
B : You can search by the reported company or bad part as you can see in the left picture.
A : Search for the name that you want. Click the vacant box of the reported company in the left picture.
Enter the company name you want and click 'Submit'. You don't need to input the full name. 5 characters will do. When you type the name in full and the name is incorrect somehow, you will fail in search. It is better to consult the database of IEIN.NET.
You can see all the companies including the 5 characters you have entered in pop-up window. If you place the cursor on the company name, you can see brief information of the company in a small window. Click the name or 'Select', and you will see the window in the following page.
Enter the content you want and click 'Submit'. You will see the following screen.

If you want to give an opinion regarding a certain bad part, input the part name directly in 'reported bad parts', express your opinion in the blank, and then click the 'Submit' button.


Then you will see this picture. At the same time, the followings will be displayed at the right side of the main screen and the initial screen of this website.
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